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N. Macha Reddy
I lost my front 2 tooth 8 years back while playing cricket. Since then I am wearing a Removable tooth over there with which I faced real hell of problem. I cant laugh loud..I cant swim..I cant eat what ever i want.. I consulted so many dentists for fixed tooth.Most of them gave me only one option of grinding my neighboring tooth and making a bridge. Over the net I came to know about Implants and studied about them.I asked few dentists and told me they were very expensive. I didnt even guess that I can hav implant specialists in kakinada itself. After visiting few metropolis clinics I had been to Sbm Dental hospital in kakinada.I wondered that these doctors here were performing regular implants. I dint believe it.I took the mobile nos of the Pts and talked with them. I even met few pts who were residing in kakinada also.Every thing perfect Dr.Satish doing regular implants since 4 years and almost backed 60 succesfull implant surgeries as per my knowledge. So I presented my self for him and told my grief of loose tooth. This was all 3 months back. Now I had beautiful front teeth with which I can break nuts.... Thanks Dr.Satish.Your hands were really Good. The Clinic and the Doctors were so nice. The Atmosphere inside itself has got positive energy of healing. Thats why I took much time to acknowledge your hospital. I can and I will with full confidence say to my frnds and people in kakinada suffering with Dental problems should visit Sbm Dental Hospital. You will get more options(not One) for your problem.You can choose which one fits you. All the best to the Hospital and I wish Comfertable dental treatments for the public.
Rao Lavanya
The BEST DENTIST experience that I have ever had in kakinada. I had many problems with dentists in the past and he is by far the most gentle dentist that I had experianced!! I was advised for a root canal treatment and he not only did it in less than an hour, but the best thing is that I didn't feel anything!!!! Thanks to lasers and single sitting root canal treatment. Saved a lot of my time for which I roamed for almost 5 sittings with other dentist. Thanks Doc. and wish you all the best

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