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India is progressing in leaps and bounds in the past decade.

Oral health also like all other fields is witnessing a quantum leap in the terms of technology and awareness.

At this critical position government efforts are to be strongly supported by private initiative in the oral health care Industry.

A forum is required where individuals with shared vision come together and pool their financial, intellectual and physical resources to professionalize the oral health care service delivery and ensure that the same is accessiable to all.

Happy smiles is an initiative to make this vision a reality, launched by a group of well meaning citizens of India.

Happy smiles under the lead of Dr. Satish & Dr. Surekha conducts regular awareness programs and free checkup camps every month with collabaration of the local service clubs and groups.

The main objectives of Happy smiles were
  1. Reach out modern dentistry to more and more people, specially the under privileged.
  2. Create modern and top of the line dental facilities for professionals to cater to the under served communities.
  3. Initiate good oral habbits and maintenance of proper oral hygine of the future citizens of India at the school level itself.

We at Happy smiles India look forward to your support and partnership to build up a healthy nation.

Free Checkup awareness camp conducted at Zilla Parshad high School in Pulagutha Village, East Godavari in association with Lions Club of Machavaram, Region III, Zone II on 06-04-2005

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