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While tooth are hard calcified part of oral cavity, they are not completely solid. In the inner most aspect of every tooth there lies a hollow space with in, which when a tooth is healthy, contains the tooth's nerve tissue. Dentists use the following terms to refer to various portions of this nerve area:

The Pulp Chamber
This is a hollow space that lies more or less in the center of the tooth.

The Root Canals
Each nerve enters the tooth from the apex (bottom) of the root. From this point the nerve then runs up through the center of the root, forms "root canals" which subsequently ends in the tooth's pulp chamber.

What are the functions of a tooth's nerve tissue?
You might think that a tooth's nerve tissue is vitally important to a tooth's health and function, but in reality it's not. A tooth's nerve tissue plays an important role in the growth and development of the tooth, but once the tooth has erupted through the gums and has finished maturing the nerve's only function is sensory (it provides the tooth with the ability to feel hot and cold)  
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