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Fresh Breath Treatment

How do you know that your breath does not offend those around you?

Bad breath is a very difficult subject to broach even with good friend. So how do you reassure yourself that you are nice to be near?

What is the case?
There are many reasons for bad breath:
  • Eating spicy foods and garlic, but the effects of these are usually temporary.
  • Any thing that dries the mouth, sleep hunger, too much talking or a stuffy nose can cause odour problems, even in some one who faithfully brushes and flosses.
  • Morning breath the offensive odour present in the month after sleeping is directly related to the reduced saliva flow and resulting bacteria growth.
  • Smoking will give you stale breath and also has a drying effect on the mouth making the saliva 'thicker' and allowing more bacteria and debris to remain on the mouth.
  • A dry mouth (or xerostomia) can also be a particular problem for people as they get older and for people on many different medicines and tablets.
  • Above all upper respiratory complaints like Sinusitis, Pnumonia, Lung abscess and Asthma can also cause Foul smelling or Bad breath.

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