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Dental Decay

Since childhood, most of our dental concerns have focused on the fear of getting “cavities” due to tooth decay. Tooth Decay (dental “caries”) is the decomposition of tooth structure caused by the destructive toxins creating by plaque, a combination of natural bacteria and food debris left on the teeth by inadequate oral hygiene.

Dental caries has been described as a “disease of civilization,” especially applicable in the last one hundred years, as man has strayed from diets rich in fruits and vegetables to a high intake of refined sugars. Read the ingredients of today’s commercial food products – glucose, fructose, dextrose, etc. -- various forms of sugar.

Modern dentistry has succeeded in reducing the incidence of dental caries through water fluoridation, oral hygiene education, and preventive dental care that includes sealants, and conservative restorative treatment. “Cavities” are far less prevalent than they were several decades ago and may now be managed by advanced technology.

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